Zone Of The Enders
Will the next version support Zone Of The Enders (1) because that is the Playstation 2 game i most want to play?

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According to this thread it should be playable in the betas. Will it run on the next version? who knows, a lot of things can happen between releases and there's no real way of knowing what will happen.
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game is playable, but you need powerfull computer to run it at 100% speed at all times, i have 3.8ghz phenom II x2 and i get major slowdowns in this game.
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According to that thread, that is for the PAL version of the game. I picked up a copy from a local Gamestop, (Lucky find used.) and I gave it a shot on my rig. Using the latest beta, it crashes during the playback of the first FMV. With PCSX2 0.9.6, I can get to the main menu, but it crashes during the next FMV. I do not think that the NTSC (E) version is playable. (Not yet at least.)
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Zone of Enders doesn't even load in PCSX2 Beta. I try to execute it as an ISO, but it's infinitely stuck with the initial black screen that appears when you run something.

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