Zone of Enders 1
i5 760 oc @ 3.5ghz
4gb ram
ati 4890

has anyone been able to get a steady 60fps in this game? I even get better performance from ZoE2 at almost 60fps. I've tried tons of different settings but I always get at most ~40fps even at native res, speedhacks on, frameskipping etc


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So the 1st one's more demanding? I didn't even try it yet, but I did get the 2nd one ripped last night and tried it. Pretty heavy. I'll get the ISO made today and see how the 1st one goes. Smile
It looks like you need a little more speed from your CPU on the 1st one. I tried it at 4.0Ghz without Speedhacks (at 1080p), and it never dropped below 60fps. It was usually in the 70s, and even exceeded 100 at times.

I figure, if you get closer to 4.0Ghz and include the use of Speedhacks, you should be able to get full speed. Smile
oh okay thanks Laugh
Which part in Z.O.E did you get slow fps?
...Ok. Well, I thought you where asking invisable_wall, but, in the spirit of trying to leave no question unanswered...

The only time the FPS really got low for me (down to 60), was at the time most expected: when there was a lot of action on-screen and the camera was taking in a large area
yeah what Rezard said. I'm gonna try ocing to 3.7ghz and see what I can get

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