Zone of Enders Second Runner Help/Support
So I can launch the game fine besides some stuttering in the sound. I can create a game. The opening scene starts up but then when it hits a certain part (naming of a planet) it freezes and crashes. I tried messing around the my graph settings but nothing as of yet. Ill continue to mess around but I figured I would ask around while Im at it.

specs. Intel Core Duo 2 2gb of Ram MacOSX 10.5.8 NVIDIA GT8600M GT

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hm, i don't have it, so can't really say if it's compatible. Have you tried turning sound off?
Hmm I havnt. Also a friend of mine pointed out that my processor wasnt fast enough. Im at 2.4 and I believe 3.0 is needed.
well, i'm developing on quite old 2.4 mbp so i don't think the freeze is related to the cpu speed

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