Zone of the Enders 1 (fps issue, gets stuck on FMVs)
Hey everyone, im new in using pcsx2 and i find it an awesome emulator, i have emulated quiet a few games but i have few problems ZOE 1.

1. the framerate jumps up and down during fights and such,
2. the is a constant black horizontal line in the middle of the screen while FMVs are playing, sometimes they dont play at all and the game gets stuck.

My pc is a core i3 2.93 ghz, 2gb ram, 1gb nvidia 220 gt.
My config is:
Pcsx2 v 9.6
gsdx 890 sse3
spu2x sound
lily pad
linuziso cdvd
speed hacks x2 cycle rate, iop x2 cycle rate
advanced to default (messed with it a bit but to no avail)

i've managed to run other games such as Shadow of the Colossus, Ico and Kingdom Hearts 1 at 60 fps(more or less), but this ones a pain. Any help will be much appriciated.

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Pcsx2 0.9.6 Rolleyes How you get in here without seeing 0.9.8... Also, you GPU is too weak and the CPU need to be much higher than 2.9GHz.
Your GPU will should be fine on native res, maybe even a little more. I assume it's DDR3.

Use PCSX2 0.9.8 and see how it goes. Try out the very user friendly "Preset" slider in the "Emulation Settings". And don't try too high of a resolution, but I suggest you go with native (at least until you get the FPS you want).

Also, if you can OC your CPU, that will make a big difference (if using 0.9.8, native res, and the aggressive Preset didn't already).
thanks for the quick replies people, i just started using pcsxs2 v 9.8 and it actually fixed the fmvs stucking problem, im using a couple of speed hacks, but i still don't know how to tweak the Emulation settings EE/IOP and VUs settings, because even though the game maintains a good 60 fps when ur standing still or not blowing up anything, it drops to 30-40fps when the screen fills with vfx stuff. Is it the wrong audio plugin or do i need to mess with the Emulation settings???

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