Zone of the Enders - 2nd runner, Beams bug
Hi there.
I'm new at this kind of emulation^^
I've searched through the internet and this forum, and the only threads i've found was concerned with speed.
My game run fine at 2x resolution, maybe it's best the native one just during boss battle^^

The problem is with the "energy" effects and the homing lasers.
The first time the game runs (by first time i mean every time you start pcsx2, and after you have changed some video settings, when the screen blink black for a moment and then the image return) all the effects are fine: the shield while you are guarding, or the explosions. The problem starts when you use homing lasers: every other "energy" effects will have holes in them, with the exact shape of the beams (like when you see directly a strong source of light, and you see that ghost image, this time it's a "negative" image that makes a hole inside the effects). I've tried a lot of different configuration but i can't find a solution.

The problem occurs only when i use the hardware mode of gsdx, but with the software one the game is too slow (even with an i7 2600k 3,4GHz it seems....).

I'm using "GSdx 5570 (MSVC 16.00, AVX) 0.1.16" as video plugin and Pcsx2 v

Any help would be great^^
Thz a lot and sorry for my english

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Anybody? No? Dust!
Try the hacks GSdx provides. Maybe skipdraw can help a little.
Which value do you think can help? a high one?

Nope Sad
It doesn't seem to work Sad with 1-5 the problem is still there, and with higher values the effects disappear completely

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