Zone of the enders 2
Hello !,

First thank you for releasing such a wonderful emulator.

Most of my games work but i have a little problem with, you may have guessed, Zone of the Enders : the second runner.

In fact, this is pretty clear : the game is just a black screen. (PAL version)

CPU work is 0%, fps : 59.

Frames are being counted so pcsx2 doesn't crash, but there no sound and nothing but a black screen.

My computer :

-intel I5 750
-4GB ram

My plugins config:

-GSDx 1873 (MSVC 15.00, SSE41) 0.1.15 :
-Direct3D10 (hardware)
-D3D internal res : 1680, 1050
-no vsync, texture filtering enabled

-CPU : multithread enabled, no fixes or speedhacks used.

Thank you for reading and/or hepling me =)

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