Zone of the enders bug.
When playing zone of the enders without any speedhacks enabled the map in the menu does not appear properly, the markers are displayed, but the actual terrain isn't. Does anyone know of any fixes for this bug? Strangely enough the map appears for a brief second when exiting it.

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You can see it fine with a software renderer in GSdx (F9 while playing).
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Thanks, interestingly the framerate is actually higher in a number of areas in software mode.
That means that in those parts your GPU can't keep up and slows down emulation while your CPU is more than enough Wink
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Really, with a 4870?
I guess you mean a HD 4870... yes, not exactly a masterpiece for PCSX2 emulation.
Games that are produced by Hideo Kojima needs an overclocked Sandy Bridge CPU to play at full speed without using hacks.
This is in the training area at the beginning:

Default = 44fps (57fps in software mode)
Max VU steal = 88fps (95fps in software mode)
Enable wait loop detection = 88fps (108fps in software mode)
No VU clamping = 88fps (116fps in software mode)

Interesting that the VU steal so significantly increases performance given the warning that it slows down most games. The other hacks have no additional improvement on framerate. MTVU greatly decreases speed. If only software rendering didn't look so terrible. Sad Out of interest why does the map render correctly with software rendering but not with hardware rendering?
VU stealing does wonders for this game indeed... I went from 60 to 100fps when setting it to 3. But it feels and sounds kind of odd unless I set the game to 120% turbo with async audio

Also worth noting is that I get the same fps whether in sw or hw mode
I notice that in cutscenes I get small audio skips, I will try the audio settings you suggested.

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