a Codebreaker tutorial that's less than 2 years old?
I've been looking for a tutorial on the matter, but all I can seem to find is stuff that's 2009 or older
stuff seems to be a bit different nowadays, so can someone link me to an up-to-date tutorial or explanation?

thanks in advance Smile

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Tutorial for what?
I can understand that sentence in many ways
a tutorial on how to use Codebreaker codes on PCSX2
how else could you interpret my first post? oO
CodeBreaker is not used only for cheating but anyway.

I don't know what you have readed but using CodeBreaker is really simple...inside the disk/image you'll find a file named S***_***.**
You can copy that file to your PC.

Next set pcsx2 to load your game like you normally do when you playing on pcsx2 but this time you are going to start it in a different way.

You can rename that file that you copy from the disk to whatever you want but put for extension .elf(it will be easier for you to start it that way)...for example CodeBreaker.elf

Start pcsx2 and use System=>Run ELF=>choose the CodeBreaker.elf and depending on your CDVD settings,pcsx2 will either ask you which game you want to start or it will load the CodeBreaker.elf and load the game you set to load.

Now from the codebreaker settings turn off the auto eject option,save your settings and then continue using codebreaker like you always do(select your cheats=>press start=>hit X on the disk and when it ask to change the disk and the press X,just press X)

That's all.

PCSX2 don't support USB flash devices so there is no easy way to update the codes database and you probably know but CodeBreaker have codes only for NTSC games.

The only different thing that you are doing compared to the normal way is that you are starting the codebreaker from the actual program,not from the disk so you don't need to swap disks
"Re-executed ELF entry(ignored)"

Keeps flickering when I try to run the ELF...?
If you don't have the cracked CB version you won't be able to start anything that is image or not original disk.
The original CB(like ARMAX)work only with original games from the disk.

I prefer cheats from pnach or memory editing program(ArtMoney)
Ok I'll give it a go with the disc then , thx
Sorry but I'm also having trouble with cheats and I've got a question. I lost you at "choose the CodeBreaker.elf".. what is this.. some additional thing I need to download?

EDIT: I got this figured out.. it's just simply not working after following your instructions. Could it be because my game is a Japanese version?
Like I said codebreaker have codes for ONLY NTSC(USA) versions of the games and since pcsx2 don't support USB flash devices,you have to put the codes in codebreaker database manually(which will be real pain if you want to put a lot of codes...with .pnach codes will be A LOT easier)

There is an way but its kinda complicated long procedure and it requires your PS2 to be able to stat homerews and on the PC side a program that convert your codes into .cbc file and program that put .psu saves into pcsx2 memory card

Also I said this too...the original codebreaker(not the cracked version)will not allow you to start any game that is not from the original disk(no backup disk no ISO,only the original game disk)

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