a bug in harvest moon a wondefull life
a bug in harvest moon a wondefull life(i tell abou this problem at the plugin bug report 4 days ago but just one member ask question from me!!!i think telling problem in here may better)
hi everybody.i download pcsx2 latest version and install it to play the harvest moon.in first i have fps problem it mean the game played very slowly but with speed hack setting i can solute that but in the beginig of the first day character cant move and just turned around!i search at the internet and cannot found any help then i found the problem
[Image: Untitled_1.jpg]
problem is from controller plugin.with lilypad and twinpad all version(include latest version)character just turn around himself and with ssspsx pad character just go north-west and south east!!!!!!!
i use older version and latest version of them but problem remain!i love this game plz fix the bug or help me.
harvest save homeland has not a bug and i can play it good.

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