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a few star ocean questions. mainly speed.
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so ive been a pcxs2 fan for a while
mind i DO NOT support illegal downloads
i own ALL of my games and you should too..

i recently decided to play star ocean again.
but its gets alittle laggy sometimes

i ahve the newest beta. r1888 i believe
and micro vu is on

just wondering if you guys found anyways to speed it up a bit
its mainly just the cut scenes and FMVs
generally get 55-65 fps
but cutscenes it drops to about 40 or so
and some time when i enter graphically challenged rooms

oh and i do have ONE noob question.. lol

GS mode for the cpu
its says dual core and multithread..

well i have a triple core.. should i still check it?

(i just upgraded and that feature is new. lol!)

AMD anthlon II x3 rana 440 @ 3.4ghz (oc)
4 gb ddr3 1600 (oc'd to something higher)
gigabyte mb
PNY geforce 9600gt overclocked edition 512mb

appreciate it guys! happy gaming

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WOW status flag hack for micro vu really hit the spot
im getting FULL fps. and ive known star ocean
to be pretty damn demanding for pcsx2

that brings me joy! haha
AMD Anthlon II x3 Rana 440 3.0 @ 3.4Ghz
4 GB DDR3 @1600 + 200mhz or so
PNY Geforce 9600gt Overclocked edition 512mb
Gigabyte TA790GX B3 motherb
500w PSU
blue neons and junk

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