a german needs help ;)
hey everyone,

at first .. sry for my bad english , but i hope u can help me ..

for 3 days now , i tried to configure pcsx2 and it drives me nuts ^^

my pc

intel core to quad Q6600
4gb geil ram DDR2 800
asus p5 Q mobo
evga 260 gtx superclocked graka

i think the games i try to run ( ok its just one game ) should work.
Fight Night Round 3
the game works , this is not the problem , but it is so slow u cant get a hit
on the other boxer ^^

I read the guide in this forum , but nothing will work.

can anyone of you give me a config to try out ? there must be a way , to speed up this game.

I hope you guys can read this , and its not to bad explained Wink

so far


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You can only try to activate speed hacks.
However, your cpu is weak
Weak a Core 2 Quad at 2.4 GHz? I though the opposite not only for its clock speed, but also just because it's a quad... Also, if you don't mind, does it have 4 cores or they are just by hyperthreading?

my cpu runs @ 2.8 ghz ( overclocked )
and yes , 4 cores
Get the latest GSdx from this forum. Set it to use directx10 hardware (if you have vista).
Get the latest pcsx2 beta also from this forum. Try a few speedhacks with it.

I never had that game, but unless it's a problematic one, your pc should be fine.

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