a little help with telling whether my problem can be overcome
Hi Ive just built a new pc
amd bulldozer quad @ 3.6ghz (black edition)
4gb dd3 ram @ 1333
hd 7850 2gb (msi twin frozr III)

the main reason for upgrading my cpu (from 2.6 ghz per core) was for emulating as i had always been frustrated with poor frame rates but any way back to the point, i can run games with the frame limiter but still feels a little slow is it normal for the limited frame rate to fluctuate slightly and making the game appear less than smooth? when i disable my frame limiter i can easily exceed 120 fps with no glitches. my question is, is it possible for me to achieve smoother gameplay whilst using a limiter? if so can you give me some pointers on how to achieve this. i see videos on you tube of really smooth gameplay but struggle to achieve this my self. thnx in advance to any and all replies.

although im looking for pointers in general emulation i understand thats its best to take one game at a time so: Liberty City Stories is what ive been trying to play recently

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youtube videos will always play @ full speed, even if you had serious lags during recording. You can't rely on them.
what do the EE% & GS% say when you get slowdowns ?
moreover, keep in mind you picked quite a demanding game, and your CPU has unfortunately been proved to be a bit weak for pcsx2 (and gaming in general)
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
yes ive also read that my cpu is a bit lame after my purchase (doh) my EE fluctuates between 60 and 80% and GS between 42 and 59%. do you think over clocking my cpu would help or is my processor too badly designed for this to have an effect?
what are your speedhacks and gamefixes settings? sounds like there are some incorrect values floating around buggering your speed up.

CPU speed isnt a problem unless EE says 99%
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With base on your report of getting high FPS figures with the limiter off, maybe you are looking to the FPS gauge too much, slight variation around the central point is normal.

Unless you are experimenting perceptible oddness in the game (that one I don't have and so I can't say what to expect from it) I would say all is working fine. But then, if there are issues they may sometimes be introduced by speedhacks or conversely by the lack of them.

A game may get high FPS at some places and some moments but still getting abysmal from just you looking in another direction at that same place. For that reason, if something like this is happening and if you aren't using speedhacks, try some, even a little bit may be the difference.

The opposed may happen as well and the speedhack itself be the cause of issues.

VU clycle stealing is prone to increase the FPS but not increase the actual motion in a few games. To understand what happens, let's imagine the extreme case, a still picture is yet still if sampled a 1 FPS or a thousand FPS.

EE Cyclerate on the other side may compromise synchronism on the emulation, the symptoms usually clear as well, you perceive things happening out of pace or dephased.

With base in that information you may try and tweak speedhacks up and down to satisfy the immediate need, always remembering the least the best.

Resuming in a thumbnail attempt: less than the default FPS compromises the overal synchronism of the whole emulation so it must be addressed ASAP (most of times is best to accept a small lag of that example kind than having sheer low FPS). The VU cycle stealing is one the first speedhack to attempt to solve it, if the second step of it is not enough so is time to push the EE (possibly reducing VU cycle stealing to compensate, don't be afraid to try).

If experimenting synchronism issues, look first at EE cyclerate as probably culprit.

These are not written in stone rules, a game may accept nicely a speedhack that another game might not stand at all.

and of course, all those other speedhacks there, I focused on these two here.
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