a problem with pcsx2
i got a bit of an issue with the beta emulator.

everything in the setup is done correctly, but i cant get any game to run on the friggin thing! i selected linuz ISO CDVD 0.9.0 and selected my god of war2.mdf file, and then i try to go to system options > reboot CDVD (full) but the emulator starts it as if i had no disk inserted!

why is this happening? can someone help me plz?

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Afaik the emu does not support mdf files try making an iso of the game.

Edit: I think I was confusing this with mds files so go ahead to shadows advice.
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What's the exact error in the console log window?

Make sue "plugin" is selected in the CDVD menu and run the game with "Boot CDVD (fast)".
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