a proposal on auto-trigger frameskipping
after 5702 was intorduced w/ support of PS1 mem. cards.

i wanted to ask the devs a proposal on add pcsx2 features w/ auto-triggered frameskipping

*this feature can be enable or disable under Emulation settings-->GS

Example Conditions:
If NTSC's FPS dropped below 50 it will auto-activate frameskipping mode.
If PAL's FPS dropped below 40 it will auto-activate frameskipping mode.
If NTSC FPS rises back above 50 it will auto-deactivate frameskipping mode.
IF PAL FPS rises back above 40 it will auto-deactivate frameskipping mode.

with this feature you don't need to re-adjust it's configuration during emulation.
and even shutdown-->re-config-->restart emulation can be avoided too.

if the devs is in favor in this in the future development....i'm happy to.
if not sorry maybe time to close this.

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Good in concept, but only really works best in gpu limited games.
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Its a good concept
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Something like that existed in the old gui but it was removed(or not added)from the new gui
Just remember that in 90+% of cases it's not your GPU limiting you, but your CPU. Skipping the final rendering of the video frames won't improve that.
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i know suppose to be for experienced pcsx2 users only w/ "experimental" use and who those PC specs is near high-end.
as for the goal in my subject for the feature it reduces manual-tweaking it's configs. lets say some cutscenes in MGS2,3 is slowed down then i need to manually set to "Constant Skipping" in frameskipping config during emulation until where the slowdown event takes place i still need to manually disable frameskipping that is also during emulation.
but w/ the proposed automated-frameskipping feature you don't need to just like the convinient GSdx's "Interlacing:Auto".
The inherent problem with the proposition being there are better ways to get increased FPS than frame skipping. Not trying to diminish your suggestion value by the sake of doing it, just presenting the potential issues which could arise.

The point is that could be an option if every other speedhack was already attempted, sill a problem if they weren't. That is what makes automatizing such procedures harder to decide the usefulness against the potential harm.
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oh well i read some negative comments here maybe going back the old fashion way by manual-tweaking

maybe it's time to withdraw this proposal and close this thread.
btw thanks for your comments.

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