a really weird problem...HELP!!!!

i had a proplem with the ps2 games and i searched in Google for a solution and sadly didn't find any..

But i found this forums to try and get help.

i have a ps2 pal with a copied pac man racing game in it and it works fine 

it runs copied games just fine when i buy them from the stores 

but last night i tried burning a game on a dvd from my laptop and then play it on the ps2

i downloaded gta burn the iso on dvd+r and started the ps2 it didnt launch up it just stayed on the ps2 pause screen 

so i took the burned gta dvd and put it in my pc and launched up pcsx2 and boot the game from the dvd plugin not from iso selection 

and it did not work!

so in pcsx2 i launched up the same iso image for gta but from the iso selection and the game worked fine !

so the ps2 and the pcsx2 couldn't launch the burned iso on the dvd 

and it get even weirder remember the pac man racing game that i said i have inside the ps2 and it is a copied store bought game 

the pcsx2 cannot launch it from the disc ! it works on ps2 so what i have done is that i copied what was in the pac man disk into my pc and used another application to make it an iso file then inside pcsx2 i tried to launch it again this time suing the iso selection and it worked verrrry well!

so i tried another solution to identified the problem and it was to take the pac man iso image and mount it and then from pcsx2 try to launch it using the plugin selection not the iso so my pc thinks that there is a game disk inserted in 

and it didnt work ! 

what is wrong you think? 

i just want to play home burned games on my ps2 

thank you. 

any ideas are welcomed!

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