a sudden increase in EE usage for FFXII IZJS.
My System

Windows 7 SP1
i5 LynnField @ 3.8 O.C
Gigabyte p55a-ud3r
8GB Ram ddr3
Gigabyte GTX660 with 310.90 driver installed
on Plextor ssd 256GB

My PCSX2 1.0.0 settings :
GSdx 5334 0.1.16 sse4.r5350 4x scaling with texture filtering and alpha hack on. Speed hacks, MTVU also ON but both EE Cycle and VU cycle stealing at 0.

Hey. Been playing on PCSX2 for 2 weeks now without major problems but all of a sudden, I noticed the EE usage in my PCSX2 has gone thru the roof to about 60~70% and even 95% whereas it used to be less than around 30%. To be specific, I'm playing FF XII IZJS v.022 and I usually have it run on turbo mode where its speed is up to 140% of the normal speed (instead of its default 200%, too fast for me). On top of that, I enjoy indulging myself in FFXII's built-in X4 turbo mode by pressing L1 button on my Xbox360 pad. I admit that has gotta require quite a bit of system resources for which my system used to manage under 40% of EE usage I believe. But alas no more..EE is at about 90% now, GS at 20~25% UI 15~20% when I run PCSX2 on that extremely fast speed maniac settings. Usage in GS and UI are no different than ever I think though.

No idea where such EE overloads stems from..the only thing I did before the problem arose was like running 3dmark11 7 to 8 times and doing some tweaks with MSI afterburner to my gtx660. Im sure I'm running my vga at its default without tweaks now though.

Oh! and now that I think on it..the only post-symptom of EE overloads was a rather blurred in-game texts which actually resulted in a better readability so close to that of actual PS2 text legibility, because prior to it the texts were rather... "raw".. been not much of a problem though..

Any ideas? I even tried fresh re-installing of PCSX2 to no avail. I hate to format my computer because of this..

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