Poll: add larger memory cards ?
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yes i would like that very much
16 80.00%
no the ones i now have are large enough
1 5.00%
i dont give a hoep
3 15.00%
Total 20 vote(s) 100%
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a suggestion for memory cards
hi i have a suggestion for the PCSX2 memorycards
currently they support up to 8mb but is it possible for a larger say 64 or 32 mb
cuz most of us have alot of games which equal alot of save games

if its possible

and sorry if i posted it in the wrong section

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I was wondering myself if it was possible to format a larger memory card but I guess this answers my question. I already filled up one 8MB card just between Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 & 4. Oh well it's not hard to backup one and create another.
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I don't know if this applies to pcsx2 too but I have maybe 5-10 games that have problems working/saving on my 64mb Datel Max Memory card,first becucause it's slow and second,some games make some check on the memory card...for example if you have mc with more than 32mb free space you won't be able to save the trophies data in Star Ocean 3.On Kingdom Hears 2 I can't save for the first time if there isn't at least one save already in my card so I had to place one from gamefaq to be able to save.

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