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about cheats: any pnach files i can find for bloody roar 4
im having problems with xion in last stage and need some help fighting him are there any pnach files i can find for bloody roar to help me?

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in case you have not found any check this thread the process is quite easy ....
are there any alternatives? (dunno if i can download my security provider and like 50 other people say it will infect your pc)
Cheatengine won't infect your PC. Your security provider and the other 50 people don't know what they are talking about.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
yea it came out clean thnx
Also check out Omniconvert and PCSX2CE.
Omniconvert will covert codes from one form to another - for example putting in a Gameshark code can change it to an ARmax code. This necessary for getting the RAW codes for PCSX2CE.

Download and instructions for PCSX2CE.

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