about fast cdvd hack and sound issue?
i play fatal frame 3 english version sometime cracking sound so i use fast cdvd hack fix crack and sometime broken sound(ipu normal error) and delay ms voice in fmv

fast cdvd hack fix slow loading and fix noticeable EE default cyclerate speed in fatal frame 3 and fix voice delay ms Fatal frame 3 fmv

ee default vu stealing disable
all recommended hack except fast cdvd hack enable mtvu not enable since huge improvement performance svn 5625 than stable version 1.0

sound- hermite
and default setting

direct x 11 hardware
gray tick texture filtering
interfacing auto
resolution native (i don't want to overheat my desktop and gpu from max setting)

mid range desktop
intel core i5 2500k base 3.3ghz 4 core cpu(temp 40 degrees celsius normal oem cpu cooler)
8gb ram(usable 3.48gb ram)
sapphire hd 6670 1gb ddr5 Low profile
32bit window 7
asus motherboard
modify mid desktop casing take 2 pci slot metal take away and front mesh with hdd fan cooler > increase huge cool air inflow to reduce heat

thank you

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wasn't the Fatal Frame games Japanese only?? I mean even the 4th one on the wii was in japanese only.
the 3 fatal frames were released in France under the name Project Zero. The 3rd one was fully translated, btw Wink
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the fatal frame 4 jap wii fatal frame 2(remake) wii nice and good but fail to surpass fatal frame series ps2 and fatal frame 2 crimson butterfly ps2

fatal frame 2 crimson butterfly ps2 surpass remake version wii fatal frame 2 crimson butterfly ending song and english dubbed voice


US english version

Fatal Frame
Publisher: Tecmo
Release Date: February 27, 2002
MSRP: 36.99 USD

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly
Publisher: Tecmo
Release Date: December 10, 2003
MSRP: 39.99 USD

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented
Publisher: Tecmo
Release Date: November 8, 2005
MSRP: 49.99 USD

fatal frame 1 , 2 , 3 all in fully translate english release after japan release unless you do not know U.S and west very biased on their WEST game

japan still rank 1 for rpg , horror

don't trust staff game review especially west go search for info, game release date , english version , game trailer etc so on...

i only read game intro story and user review comment

their story based on imagine and creative taken from real himuro mansion location and real japan urban legend most haunted place in japan!!!



real himuro mansion location have not been disclose due to protect people from going there since rumor murder and ghost sight even daylight and curse

Interest in the Himuro Mansion has peaked due to it’s inclusion into the back story of the popular game, Fatal Frame. Here is a quote from Makoto Shibata, Chief Producer of Fatal Frame, regarding the legend:

“In an area outside Tokyo, there lies a mansion in which it’s said seven people were murdered in a grisly manner. On the same property, there lie three detached residences that surround the mansion, all of which are rumored to have ties to the mansion’s troubled past. It’s said there is an underground network of tunnels that lay beneath the premises, but nobody knows who made these tunnels or what purpose they served. Many inexplicable phenomenons have been reported occurring on the property. Bloody handprints have been found splattered all over the walls. Spirits have been spotted on the premises… even in broad daylight. A narrow stairway leads to an attic where a spirit-sealed talisman is rumored to be locked away. Men have sought this talisman, only to be found later with their bodies broken and rope marks around their wrists. There’s a crumbling old statue of a woman in a kimono, but its head is missing. If you take a photo of a certain window, a young girl can be seen in the developed picture. These incidents have provoked fear in the people of Tokyo, and many believe that those who live near this area will become cursed. The deaths of those seven people are unexplained to this day.”
Was just wondering knightt no offense intended Smile thought the games of fatal frame were quite hard to come by in english Smile (Even though I prefer Japanese with english subs)

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