about god of war help please!
hi,please help my GOW
i ussualy use loadstate/savestate
now the problem is:
in stage 1(i think) when kratos entering the room,there's a white light then he talks with lord poseidon.after he receive a"power" from lord poseidon the sreen become white light.after that the game still white

now i,m confuse and i dunno what to doWacko

any help would be appreciateSmile

thanks beforeCool

sorry,my english is badBiggrin

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try the latest beta r1888. it will solve your problem
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big_evil :Have a warning for reviving a 3 month thread, with wrong advice too.
The white screen on powers is NOT solvable, you can only try skipping the scenes with the patch browser by using search then skip mpeg.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I just wanna say if i use the original DVD pal i don t have this bug but with iso it always crashes!
i am very sorry. with great respect,i used beta r-1888 and i had no problem with that white screen.
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