about linux support
anyone know, what the most compatible usb modem for linux ubuntu 10.04...? i'm getting confused when i browsing in google for aloooooooong time Wacko

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Well, you see hardware compatibility is heavily linked in with the kernel of linux. So as a general rule, 11.10 is the latest version of ubuntu, and therefore it will have the largest compatibility of drivers as it has the most up to date kernel.

As for what USB modem works, I'm not sure because you're a little too inspecific. I'd suggest that you try posting at http://ubuntuforums.org/ but with more information.

What kind of USB modem? Regular 56k dialup modem? USB 3g wireless modem? Some kind of DSL or Cable modem?
sure i mean the USB modem is usb 3.5g wireless modem...
I've got the type of modem today (vodafone usb modem) , but it require the wvdial to configure the modem..
And, i got the new problem again..
How to instal the wvdial binary package?

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