about piracy and some warning
what kind of piracy in this forum talking about? what kind of warning not to post in this forum? if a warning have occured, did a warning have a points? please, i want a detailed answer because i get a warning when i'm posting.i didn't knew what wrong.

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when you say that you download a game, or bios that's what they mean by piracy talking (besides from other stuff that are kind off grayish), and yes warnings have points (you can see it at the left of your post, under you username Smile "warning level")

EDIT: for more (funny) info you could check this thread http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-6009.html
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I feel sorry for asking some of those. just because i didn't have PS2 and didn't wanna sacrifice my friend's PS2 for my sake. thanks.
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