about quadcore
hi all im using laptop with the intel core i7 720qm @ 1.60Ghz
with geforce gtx 260m

i think i heard something about psx running in dual core

ok 1stly im gonna said that im a bit noob about all this computer thingy but i think i can manage to understand discussion n such

my question is,, is there anything i can do to maximize my setting to get to play ps2 games?

having hard time playing metal gear solid 3 and tekken 5

thx a lot cheers

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1.6 ghz is kinda weak, especially for those very demanding games.

try overclocking.
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tekken 5 and MGS 3 are CPU hungry needs around 4~5Ghz and your laptop can't handle that thing,try lighter 2D games...and that laptop can also run FFX at fair-significant speeds.
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ok thx i never fancy tekken anyways =( as long as i cn play my disgaea n kingdom hearts,,

n ok ill ask my friend about overclocking too tanks a lot

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