about shaman king power of spirits
shaman king power of spirits this game was work fine in pcsx2 v 0.9.4 with some bug
put now it is just stop on menu in pcsx2 9.6 and i try in pcsx2 -r1438 my and the same problem question why it is not work any more ? Cool

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Because new releases can break some games too,not only fix them.
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thanks for your replay
And can this thing be fixed?
I was testing random games my friend owned, this worked somewhere up to the 13xx branch for me, but only up to a certain point, I gave up, gave him back his disc and deleted the ISO I had (I had the DVD in my posession, iso was for speed) so you might want to test backwards, if you really want to play it, but I never got far on the builds I tried.
(08-21-2009, 02:41 AM)Shadow Lady Wrote: Maybe with future updates, for now you'll have to settle with old versions Tongue

You maen that I have to lead savestate from r3** to latest one? I'd rather die.
Just use zerospu as your audio plugin to pass the press start menu screen.
Working. Tnx

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