about to start persona 4 - any known glitches?
or is the game running perfect?

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i finished it on emulator, no major glitches, everything works fine, only few visual bugs but bearable.
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Game runs well for me! Just some Graphic bugs (using Gsdx plugin). Hope it will be fixed in a short time. (^_^).
hmm.... dunno if this is a bug on DX9 Hardware or because the new revisions, but it has been crashing for me in the third floor of the school and whenever some character take my MC to the station, is fixed by using software mode but...
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(07-19-2009, 12:50 PM)CentroX Wrote: or is the game running perfect?

Ran perfect here except for slowdowns due to my poor CPU, running it on DX10 thou as DX9 is a bit more glitchy.
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