access to memory
Good job and thanks to all the programmers who work on this project.

For me verything works ok (currently using beta) but i have a ...

When I first started as a newbie while back, I used an older copy of PCSX2

What exactly was changed during the installation (first run) process where I saw a message kinda like "access to memory ... restarting computer"?

What should I need to reset concerning system/xp changes if i do an un-install /rollback ?

ie. What was changed ? - windows access ? registry ? low level files ? bios ?


Appreciate any enlightenment, as I am somewhat concerned about this procedure.

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Never mind i have found an article that explains this change can be reverted by:

disable the setting SE_LOCK_PAGES_IN_MEMORY (by setting it to False)
for current user in the group policy snap-in.
That was only done in older builds, 0.9.6 and later don't change anything Smile
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