adding a game compatibility/config guide?
I know there is a "compatibility list" but, its really lacking imo.
It really tells you nothing on how to configure the game to get it running. It just says "playable" and what plugins used (w/o saying what settings used, which makes listing them almost pointless).

Its also very hard to interpret the results with things like "N/A".... really... wth does "N/A" mean? (really ill slap anyone who says n/a = not available or not applicable... as i know what the acronym means -.-)
Like when it says speedhacks N/A, does that mean having them turned off completely? not 1 speed hack is on? like what?

alot of games listed "playable" i would dispute, as ive tried many different configurations, on many different revisions, and games still seem to crash.

I really like how dolphin has set up their lists. They made a wiki with the configuration guide, and then posted the wiki page on their forums, where people can discuss it.

I think it should be set up in a wiki similar to dolphin.

In which it shows which revisions its playable/broken on (tho ofcourse its more on a wide scale like pcsx2 0.9.6, 0.9.8, 0.9.9, 1.0.0, 1.1.0 type of thing would be fine)

It says which settings can cause problems, and which setting may be needed to be changed to get it working.
And also it usually lists things in which cause slowdowns in the games.

things like
"Video Back End - OpenGL/DirectX 9 - Some textures don't appear with DX11, like the kerosene. "
so its saying you should use opengl or dx9, since dx11 causes problems.

"EFB Copies - Texture - Fix slowdowns in main hall or some other random places."
one for performance which doesnt break the game.

This is what i would REALLY love to see on pcsx2.
As most games do require specific setting configurations to get everything in them working. And knowing which games can be played with which speed hacks would also be a nice gesture.

Its a big project, but i think getting the community more involved would probably be a good idea, as most configuration feedback and glitches/etc on games are usually reported by the community anyway.

Im sure it would also help on the vast volumes of posts coming in daily.

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you mean something like this?

and an example game:
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(04-12-2013, 12:42 AM)refraction Wrote: you mean something like this?

and an example game:

hmmm well ya that seems to be a start Tongue
i think it should be more linked to the forums compatibility guide section, so its easier to search specific games, using google or the forum search.
And being linked to the forums for each game, then its twice as much traffic to the page.

Also having it on the forums for each game, will allow people to post feedback and etc about each game.

Really a link or embed of the wiki page for the game should replace the current "compatibility" threads.
as they dont seem to match up on information in them either lol (making it even more confusing).
Well the Wiki is actually maintained by other people, we just host it Tongue But the compatibility lists on the forum is actually integrated with the website itself. So when you look on the main sites compatibility list, it reflects what the threads in the public compatibility forum say.

All configs are considered "default" in there on the ones with test results posted unless otherwise stated. But version numbers etc are also provided in the test results (and vaguely in the first post)
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