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I recently did this and I am a newbie. I am computer literate but setting this program up is kinda difficult for me. My video I got to smooth out some but it still kinda choppy, my audio is all messed up. it comes out stuttery or real choppy. I like playing gran turismo 3 and that is the game that I am testing my settings with. I would like to know if some one can also tell me how to backup my PS2 games to my computer. this may help alot with quality. I have a tower that I am dedicating to this. it has 2gb of ram, 1tb drive, Nividia gforce 6200 with indipendant processor, an amd xp+ processor. Creative labs Sound Blaster X-fi 5.1 surround sound card. This is so I can continue to play my ps2 games I own. MY PS2 ***** the bed and my ps3 isn't backward compatible. I would like advice on how to set up this program and any hardware upgrades recommended would be nice.

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Quote:Nividia gforce 6200 with indipendant processor, an amd xp+ processo
Sorry no way you will get respectable speeds with this PC, that's why the audio is garbled. You'll need to upgrade to a modern dual core system to use PCSX2 at playable speeds
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.pdf   new bundle.pdf (Size: 210,8 KB / Downloads: 371) ok Just to make sure i am understanding. I got the program basically programmed right. but my processor and motherboard are just too far outta date to do this with. Is that right? or do I need to update my video and sound card as well? Would the one in this attachement work?
You'd need to upgrade both your videocard and a processor.
this bundle does the video and processor. or do you mean more advanced to what is in the pdf file?
I didn't check out your attachment, because its generally disrespectful to ask people to download files when you can simply post that in a message : )
The graphics card in that PDF is a very low card, you want at least a HD4670 if you're going ATI.
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