ahhhhh gs problem
I downloaded and instaled the pcsx2 and its latest v9 plugins, bc It kept having errrs with the 10 im using windws xp pro, with up to date direct x I downladed the c++ from micrsoft.com
my cpu specs are

intel core duo t2300 1.66ghz
mmx sse sse2 sse3
core speed 997.5 mhz
x6.0 multiplier

ddr2 512mb

Graphics card
Mbil intel R 945gm
direct x support 9.0/sm2.0

after configuring i tried t load Madden 10 and during the loading prcess i gt this errr

PCSX2 beta (r1888) - compiled on Sep 20 2009
Savestate version: 8b410001
CPU vendor name = GenuineIntel
FamilyID = 8
x86Family = Genuine Intel® CPU T2300 @ 1.66GHz
CPU speed = 1.664 ghz
Cores = 2 physical [2 logical]
x86PType = Standard OEM
x86Flags = bfe9fbff 0000c1a9
x86EFlags = 00000000

Detected MMX
Detected SSE
Detected SSE2
Detected SSE3
Not Detected SSSE3
Not Detected SSE4.1
Not Detected SSE4.2

Loading plugins...
Plugins loaded successfully.
F1 - save state
(Shift +) F2 - cycle states
F3 - load state
Initializing plugins...
Plugins initialized successfully.
Closing plugins...
Plugins closed successfully.
Shutting down plugins...
Plugin shutdown complete.

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Please kindly go somewhere else with your piracy problems.
You will not get support here for that game, as I know you downloaded it.

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