alright, i'm fixing it myself
For years now I've been trying to play NBA Street Vol. 2 at full speed. In previous years every occurrence of me talking about my problems with this game on this forum always leads someone saying my comp is too slow. It's NOT! This game suffers from graphical problems when rendering in hardware mode. It works fine in software mode. Upgrading my graphics card sees no increase in fps so I'm starting to think no matter how strong of a graphics card i get that it will always be the same. I would buy a GTX 580 just to test this theory but i think my Radeon 5770 should be enough for this(atleast enough to get more than 5 fps which i get in hardware mode vs the 40 fps i get in software mode).

So i have set out to find out why this game behaves like this while rendering in hardware mode. So could anyone tell me the tools and/or steps needed to debug this game in PCSX2 and find out where this bottleneck is? I know a little C++ and don't mind learning more for the purpose of this little task i plan to take on.

PS: i could just get a better cpu for software rendering but what happens when i want to turn up the internal resolution.
Q8300 @ 3.0GHz | Radeon HD 5770 | Windows 7 64-bit

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i can't say your comp is too slow. those 3.0Ghz on that old architecture are not the greatest tho. what you could do is: try the svn and turn on the mtvu speedhack. else this' got nothing much else todo with the graphics card. the main bottleneck of pcsx2 is the VU running in software aka CPU. so there you have your problem.

on the other side: what's the graphical issues you talking about? maybe they're something that is fixable, but it depends on the developers if they have the game available to check. so far...

note: if you really wanna fix the gsdx renderer for that game you'd need visual studio 2010 with atl headers and dxsdk to compile it just as it is. the free express edition does, but you'd need to download the trial professional to copy atl headers as they are not included in the express package. good luck there. Wink
ima try the svn with the speedhack you suggested, then if that fails ima try compiling the debug version from source.

the graphical issues i was talking about aren't really graphical issues i guess. the game just runs creepily slow in hardware mode. i get like 5 fps in HW vs 40 in SW.

EDIT: same thing with svn and speed hack. gonna try compiling now. wish me luck Smile
Q8300 @ 3.0GHz | Radeon HD 5770 | Windows 7 64-bit
okay. you can have that then.

and well. a bit of knowledge would do. i just give some hints. lookup ps2 depth stencil shadow techniques and texture cache things as the screenshots seem to indicate a bit usage of small model texture burst and the depth stencil shadows are a known tricky thing on gsdx. Wink
wow. i got everything compiled but i don't understand how i would go about 'debugging' the the gsdx plugin. i took one look inside the gsdx plugin and almost fainted. that thing wasn't made by a human. i think i give up lol.

ps: ima take it slow and try to understand how it works tho, it looks pretty interesting.
Q8300 @ 3.0GHz | Radeon HD 5770 | Windows 7 64-bit
great that you worked it. but hell no. gabest is still a human. Laugh he's just dedicated lots of time to code that over years. this not a thing to look over and know in a couple of minutes without any foreknowledge. you're understood. Wink

on the edge: this not much about debugging but more profiling to optimize. those options are not available per default. gabest uses intel vtune for that. what you'd need is to code internal profiling first if you don't wanna use vtune. you might wanna categorize it like input processing, conversion and rendered output to trace the slowdown.

but: as you're learning first and taking it slow it's pointless to give any further advice. so... for now enjoy what you got there. Biggrin
Gabest is a god.

that said, he is a messy god. and GSDX needs someone to rewrite it from the ground up to un-deep-root the caches
Try the skipdraw hack.
(03-19-2012, 06:02 AM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: Gabest is a god.

that said, he is a messy god. and GSDX needs someone to rewrite it from the ground up to un-deep-root the caches
lolz, took one look and i was like "in 5 years I'll look again" on the plus side my instructor stresses Maintainable programming above all else so if i do anything with PCSX2, it'll be very well documented and organized+^_^+(also, i didn't wait 5 years, i did look again+^_^+)

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