amd x6 laggy
hey ya,
i could really need your help. I got a AMD Phenom II x6 1090T @9,20GHz cpu. GTX460 and 6GB DDR2. When i run Finalfantasy x from cd it works at first well, but when it comes to cutsenes it lags as hell. PLS HELP T.T

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WHAT????? 9.2Ghz.... Wacko Are you sure. Never heard of... Huh Is it a Super Computer. Tongue2

Cutscenes / FMV might lag. Try allow 8-bit Texture.
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maybe mispelled maybe it's 2.9Ghz
and that specs it's already enough for FFX

you maybe other programs are busy
e.g. Anti-Virus(Scheduled-scan),Auto-defrag(Schedule-task)
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sorry i ment 3.2 GHz xD... and i already turned off all background prgramms... didnt help Sad
Don't run from the DVD-ROM or the game disk. Make a ISO off the game disk and try again Wink
mannnn I LOVE YOU!!!! Made iso and it works perfectly xDD finaly, THANK TO ALL

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