another Armored core 3 thread
Hi. Im trying to run AC3 but the game runs very slowly.
What would be the best settings to run this game?
core 2 duo 2.66 ghz
asus eah 4890 1gb ddr5
3gb ram
Im new!Biggrin

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With no experience with this particular title, I can only advise you based on your newbiness. Smile

Your graphics card can handle most any sensible resolution. This is still likely to vary a bit, but using native for the best speed should not really be necessary. I would guess 1024x1024 would never be a problem, but some games are very heavy on the GPU. So, I suggest you try native if all else fails, or if the GS% on the PCSX2 window's title bar is at or near 100% whilst the game is slow.

Your RAM will do fine. It's not that important for PCSX2, just as long as you have enough. 2 GB or more is plenty.

Now, the most demanding (hardware) aspect of PCSX2; it's CPU usage/requirements. Like I said, I don't know how hard fullspeed is to achieve with AC3, but I'm guessing it may be possible for a C2D @ 2.66Ghz to pull off some playable speeds (with Speedhacks). Assuming you're already using the latest official PCSX2 release & plugins pack, you should try all [Recommended] Speedhacks. Also, the EE Cyclerate and VU Cycle Stealing can do wonders for FPS, but beware; there's always a chance that too much of one of them, the use of both or even their use at all can cause glitches, false FPS display or even worse performance. As with the two sliders, anything beyond that is a "trial and error" approach on your part. What works/helps will vary from game-to-game.

If all else fails, you could try some things know to work with other games and see how they affect AC3. I didn't see anything about AC3 (recently) with a quick search of the forums, so it may very well be up to you to find out! Smile
Thanks for replying Laugh, but nothing seems to work as I planned...
I keep getting 20fps no matter the settings. Strange.
What do the EE% and GS% say on the PCSX2 window's title bar (when at 20fps on native)?

Sorry I took time to asnwer but was busy with school.
NP. Well, it doesn't appear your PC's capabilities are limiting the game. It is possible that the game just isn't very compatible (yet). That doesn't necessarily mean "give up", though.

You could try Software mode with GSdx. It is usually slower (entirely CPU dependent), but it aslo tends to be a "cleaner" emulation (although low res). Just a maybe for a speed-up, though.

Sorry I can't really help on this one, but I hope some of what I've said helps you at some point! Smile
if you know how to compile it, ou may be able to push the EE to go a little faster to accomplish what you're after it doing. (I'm planning on doing the same to see how it impacts my PC)
Well, thanks for the aidSmile I will try what you said, maybe something will work, If not, Ill wait for the next version of the emu to see If I can get better results, looks like Im gonna have to clean the dust on my ps2.Biggrin
Look here, second post from the bottom by IVXXX. Maybe that'll help you. Smile
(10-03-2010, 02:04 AM)Rezard Wrote: Look here, second post from the bottom by IVXXX. Maybe that'll help you. Smile

are links to external sites allowed here ?

A higher clocked EE might do the trick but the GS that's at 50 % could mean the game is doing something ugly and lowering emulation speed.
I think the best thing to do is try native res or software mode.

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