another Valkyrie Profile 2 problem, this time a video bug
Hi, I'm having some glitches in VP2, some vertical darker strings, a weird reflection on the down corner of the screen and a bug in shops where the item image and name are showned above its specifications. Here's a SS of the 2 first bugs (I have the florest red screen just like everybody else too Laugh)


These bugs don't kill the game but they are quite annoying.

CPU - I7 860 2.8GHz
GPU - GTS 250 512mb
Ram - 3x2GB DDR3-1333 corsair

(I already tried DX10 and DX9, got no mode seens to solve these glitches but the FPS are quite slow while in software mode, something around 20 FPS whats more annoying then the glitches)

I downloaded this emulator yesterday and I dunno how it works yet so if I missed some info plz tell me how to get it.
Thanks Rolleyes

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bugs are known, use software mode to fix them (F9)

also try resorting affinity on your CPU to the last 2 cores for pcsx2, and you can use more software threads to increase that too.
USE Scaling 2x to fix lower reflection bar.

i saw somewhere around here a modified GSDX which removed the rendering of shadows in VP2, making the FPS much faster.
any1 knows where to find it?
I may still have a link to it, lemme check

yep, sure do, whoever needs it pm me requesting it. (dman, I'm sending you a pm right now with it)
Let me see if i got it...i'll run VP2 in software mode with this modified GSDX? but the fps in software mode is so low...
And how can I:
USE Scaling 2x to fix lower reflection bar
Resort affinity on my CPU to the last 2 cores for pcsx2
the modified GSdx is supposed to fix hardware mode, but it breaks a few other games (last I heard)
(10-12-2010, 11:52 PM)dman22 Wrote: USE Scaling 2x to fix lower reflection bar.

Nice! i finally understood that lol...its an option in the config menu, and thx a lot it worked fine for the lower bar!!! just the vertical bars to go xD
What about this, how do you fix this bug/glitch whatever. I'm using the 'pcsx2-0.9.7-r3878-binaries' package

[Image: uuk4P.png]

@ Darude try sofware mode press F9
i believe the forest is the only part w/c has this red lines/screen
Any options I can change to allow lagless 'battles'. ex. If I were to attack with just 1 party member it would not lag. But if it were 2-3 more members attacking simultaneously it would start 'dipping/lagging' during these sequences.

Any optimization you guys know of? VP2

Since some of you don't know me, I'll list my computer specs.
Win7 64bit
Intel Core2Quad q6600 @ 3.6ghz
eVGA nVidia Geforce GTX460 1gb @ 900/1050
GSKILL 2x2gb DDR @ 1000mhz
Corsair 750 PSU
22" Samsung LCD Monitor. @ 1680x1050


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