another dbz budokai 3 flashing problem
as allready mentioned on this forum...i've got a same problem...the game runs fine...fps n stuff...but when the fight begins...the background starts flashing alot...and its rly rly annoying...i've updated my GSDx...tryed various settings..noting helped...except to run in zerogs...but then the screen is all yelowish and sometimes runs a bit slow...plx help coz i rly like this game...

my system:
core2quad q9400
2gb ddr3 @ 1333
ati 4850 512mb
windows vista ultimate

here are the screens of my config and graphics:

tnx Smile

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what version did you have pal or ntcs
i have no there a way to check that ... ?
or even better should i "find" pal or ntsc version of the game ?
it doesn't matter, use what you have, someone can help you one way or another
for pal full frame rate will be 50 and ntcs full frame rate will be 60
if you use pal try gsdx1.5 it is work fine with me
you can download gsdx1.5 from here

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