another persona 4 question =D
Was wondering if I can cut enough corners to get this to run without slowdown (stupid core 2 duo e6550 2.33ghz).

Currently I can get it to run almost 50+ frames everywhere besides some parts of town. I lowered resolution, use newest gsdx, 2x cycle rate, all EE misc hacks selected and 1 click of VU cycling stealing.

I know my cpu kinda sucks but my other stuff should be alright (4 gb ram, 9800gt, windows 7 64 pro).

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For P4 slowdowns in sity are pretty expected even on more powerful computer than yours.
Even on my system I get the occasional slow down in school scenes and certain shiny enemies. Fraid there isn't anything more you can do than what you've already tried.

I'd suggest overclocking your CPU if your motherboard supports it and you have a decent enough cooling system.
hmmm but at those risks and the crap needed to do for overclocking turns me off, if you could hook me up with a good guide though.... And the sound is kinda ghetto too even though it's suppose to be around 60fps =/ Think it g2 to do with the cycle stealing.
For me runs pretty good 60fps in my C2DUO E4600 overclocked until 2.89Ghz (I reduce my overclocking from 3Ghz to 2.89 because of my new mobo). Just reduce the resolutions and you won't have any speed problems Smile
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You could always just upgrade your CPU :P
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Hate taking out cpu (g2 remove everything else). And just spend $200 on a 23" monitor, don't have much dough lying around =/ Hook me up with some good overclocking guide for noobs =)

actually I've alright with the fps speed, but the cycle stealing screws up the sound, any fix for that?
Nope, it is a hack after all, that's the side effects.
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