another problem
I try to run an ISO on pcxs2 and when I try, an error comes up saying "Root directory not found on ISO image. Name:IsoFS" Can someone please help me?

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Try another CDVD-plugin or load directly without plugin. If it doesn't work it's possible the ISO is damaged or a badly ripped. Try ripping it again.

Just in case thinking you downloaded it somewhere it's maybe a fake image filled with crap.
This is a 'check for yourself' situation.
I'm having another problem now. It says "Could Not Load GS Plugin 'plugins': <NULL>" when i try to configure the emulator.
Is your directx runtime up to date?
Make sure your DirectX is updated and try running PCSX2 as admin (right click( and/or move the PCSX2 folder to a place with rights like your Documents folder.
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What specs?
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Microsoft Windows7 Ultimate x86
Now it's stopping when i hit Boot-Run CDVD
Seriously. Use 10 minutes from your life and read the configuration guide, mess with the settings and try figuring some things out for yourself. People can't keep spoon feeding you each and every thing until you play your game, you need to do some effort of your own. In this case configure your cdvd plugin properly.
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hmm. try to use the gigaherz plugin then configure the virtual drive where you mounted your ISO then. if you mounted it on virtual drive. example "K:"
then select K: in the cdvd plugin configuration. and maybe your directing the plugin to a virtual drive that dont really exist or you do not have.
download daemon tools lite-create a virtual drive-mount ISO then play for ten hours without .just playin wid Ya
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