[ask] about save data
can i transfer save data from PS2 OPL[Open PS2 Loader] to emulator?? so i can continue save data from my original PS2??

Thanks before,
hope i dont make any wrong attempts ...

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what is that PS2 OPL is this similar to LauncherELF?

btw you can transfer your pcsx2 saves to actual ps2's memory card

*.ps2--->mymc--->PS2 save builder-->LauncherELF's file explorer.
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OPL is just the game loader,are your saves in vmc(virtual memory card)or in the real card?

You can copy saves from both by using uLaunchELF.
If it's VMC,just mount the card with ule and backup your saves from it(for the real card is the same but you are not mounting)

You can also copy the whole vmc card to your pc and open it with mymc(you can only export saves from it)but to be able to open the card,you must first rename the "vmc name.bin" to vmc name.ps2"

PS.tallbender it's strange to know about uLaunchELF but not know about OPL
And btw you don't need PS2 Save Builder in your guide,just export the saves to PSU and ule will do the rest(he support psu format)
@ both of you thanks very much. but i think its possible to copy from vmc to usb and use it in pc. but would it possible to do the reverse? because i think long time ago i hear if we copy save data to VMC it will crashed.. because i like playing in my ps2 because i can play it on my bed. but sometimes i like to play on my pc too. because i can play double speed Laugh

anyway i got the image how to do so.
basicly is
mount vmc, backup to usb and paste on pc and import it. or i can copy whole vmc and rename to .ps2 and export and import again to my ps2 emu
am i right ??
To backup saves from VMC you can:
1.Mount the card with ule copy all of the saves and paste them as PSU into USB
2.Copy the whole vmc to your PC,rename the .bin extension to .ps2,open the card with mymc and export your saves

To import saves to VMC.
1.The only way I know is by mounting the card with ule and copy=>psuPaste the saves(mymc does not support importing to vmc).
The ule method is the only one but it's not 100% safe,so just backup your card before importing saves to it with ule
i just wondering.
i see that i can copy whole vmc into pc and open with mymc right.
so can i just update / import my save data from emu into the vmc.bin/ps2 using mymc.
and just overwrite the vmc at my Ps2..
will that work>>

and what PSU means ?? Laugh
No,the only way to insert save into vmc is by manually save while playing while using OPL or by using uLaunchELF.

Mymc can't import saves to vmc(I haven't tried with pcsx2 but it will probably either give you some error or corrupt the card)

PSU is save format...the same as cbs(CodeBreaker save format),max(ARMAX save format) and so on.
@vsub oh thanks2. i see...

i think ill try after i got home from work Laugh
thanks for the help anyway

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