asking to archive 50fps
i have a question.last time im just trying to play with some configuration in gsdx,speedhack and more setting im touch.

and suddenly,when im try to play game bleach blade battlers 2nd,i can archive full speed 60fps but screening seem tearing like low framerate 60hz.but im sastify with that.

but now when im try reset and config again,i cant do it like that to archive accurate sad now

if ur can give me a config with what im doing it.tell me and btw here my spec
PCSX 0.9.7 ver 3500
X2 7750 BE 3.0ghz
TA790GXE 128M
2GB Corsair Gaming DDR2 800mhz
Sapphire HD 4830

sorry for my english since im not from europe.blame me if im doing it wrong

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you have amd right? so hmmm.. its on 3.0ghz so you can get a constant 45-50fps if im right... try overclocking it to 3.5ghz and see if that helps..
stage 1 VUStealing should do the trick
thanks a little work but just missing sumthing...hmm

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