atelier iris 3: grand phantasm patch
hi everyone! im curently playing 'atelier iris 3 Grand phantasm' and i have been looking for patch for the game, cant find one Sad
so, if there is a kind somebody that have a patch for the game, will really appreciate it BiggrinBiggrinBiggrin

here is the CRC-4CCC9212

thanks so much in advance BiggrinBiggrinBiggrin

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Cheats for what...the game is easy to begin with.
We generally reserve the term "patch" for game fixes like video skip hacks or somesuch, that fix a problem with emulation.
For cheats you can always ask here to keep it in one place;]. Anyway I converted some cheats from the net long time ago and still had it in my cheats folder soo here it is:

.pnach   4CCC9212.pnach (Size: 3,64 KB / Downloads: 4.052)

edit the file and put "//" before cheats you want to turn off, delete those signs before cheats you want on and are turned off, I guess most of them are actually turned off in there, couse I converted then before playing, then throught I don't really need themTongue.

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