audio and video to fast
hello i've got a problem. recently i've try to play KH 1 on pcsx2 on mac but it was laggy and the colors in the videos was weird. Then i've try to run it under my parallel desktop with window 7, i got a good Fps (like 54-64) but, sometimes the audio and video got to fast and this really tierd me especially on the videos that make it unwatchable anyone know how to fix it? note that my emulator is set like the configure guide advises it.

to se the config of my mac and my virtual machine see the attachments

Thank you Smile

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You are emulating PCSX2 inside of Windows, emulating inside of a Mac on 1.8 GHZ and you are getting full speed...?!?!?

That IS surprising. Post your PCSX2 settings please.
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While running the game in the window check if you have "Framelimiter: Normal" or it's set to anything else, if it's disabled or in turbo mode it'll allow for more speed than the game should run in hence what you experience. It switchable with F4(on/off) and TAB(turbo) keys.

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