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audio stutter
Hello again everyone, I have encountered another issue. This time with MegaMan X7 where the FPS is solid and everything but the music is stuttering, like is going really fast and jitters alot, even when the narrator is talking is sounds like he is repeating himself and I can't understand what he is saying lol. I've tried changing audio plugins and messed with the latency but it doesn't seem to remedy it. I haven't seen anyone having this problem with MegaMan X7 only.

I have provided my specs before but if you wish I will be happy to provide them again. I am also using the latest version 1.2.1. Thank you everyone.

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Are you using the speed hack sliders? They really bugger audio up
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Hey thanks for replying, no I haven't touched the sliders. I have all these checked:

Enabled INTC Spin Detection
Enable Wait Loop Detection
mVU Flag Hack

The sliders are at the lowest default. Anything else I would change?
Hmm the onpy other thing I can suggest is go in to the spu2x config and make sure timestretching is enabled, that should level out the sound Smile
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I'd recommend to try setting audio to async mix mode instead and latency to 200ms, you may set a lower value later. Also make sure that disable Framelimiting is not checked.
Thanks guys but I just fixed it! All I did was re-installed PCSX2 and load it up and the sound and music is all synced out and smooth as it should be. Maybe the SPU2x plugin crashed or something, don't know but at least its working now. I appreciate everyone's help in this!


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