auronlives FFX hard mode save edit
hey every one first time poster long time lurker here releasing my final fantasy 10 hard mode save edit, haven't seen any save edits around here so i really hope its not against the rules or anything

.7z   auronlives's FFX hard mode save.7z (Size: 92,86 KB / Downloads: 325)

this is for PAL region built on the standard sphere grid

the game starts off right outside the stadium before the blitzball
cutscene and before sin starts attacking zanarkand so feel
free to start it without worring about missing any of the action

i completely remade the sphere grid as i progressed through the game keeping it challenging but not impossibly difficult
and kept the need to level grind to a bare minimum I would say overall its 2-3x harder than the original

Rearranged most skills/specials/magic to give the game a different feel and strategically placed
lv 1-4 lock spheres throughout the board

Slightly lowered eveyones base stats

Every stat sphere on the grid is +4 +300hp +40mp so its less of a hassle to max your stats
if you wanna take on the dark aons/penance after you complete the game

almost all default weapons have been modified with capture, sensor and a blank slot
to give you a head start on monster hunting ^_~

boosted aons usefulness by giving them a few extra default skills/stats/magic

I threw in a few extra surprises that I can't think of at the moment, have fun and enjoy
drop me a line if something is missing/duplicated/glitched at [email protected]

if you get stuck at a boss look up a guide, more than likely there's a weakness your not exploiting or a strategy your not utilizing

sometimes even with good strategy some bosses can take several tries and over an hour to beat namely Seymour and all his variations, just press on keep trying or level grind a little to get passed them

I haven't explored outside the default character progression but if your feeling adventurous and confident I would say go for it! just don't forget to

backup your saves!! it is very possible you can get stuck if you make some poor decisions or neglect stocking up on items

just wanna thank fuzzymillipede for providing such a powerfull hacking tool

and squaresoft for making yet another timeless masterpiece

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