auto enable progressive scan in tekken 5?
(07-24-2017, 06:33 PM)nunbuhfore Wrote: YES, thats what im talking about. any idea how i could do this? i really tried. lol

Well, SetGsCrt() (function for handling videomode initialization) is handled by the kernel. So I guess you can alter the videomode only if you HLE the kernel.  

Other than that - I'm afraid making a game specific patch is the only other alternative solution to modify the videomode. If you're interested on making one, you could try asking the patching experts on the forum.
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ok, SetGsCrt(). Now i need to know what to do with this function. also, im not sure what HLE means. srry, im a noob at this, its why im asking here instead of spending a million years fighting with somethin i dont understand. but, i have all the source files from pcsx2-master rdy to edit in visual studio, if that is any help
On the PAL version there is no option in the display menu to enable progressive scan shareit.
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