baldur's gate Dark Alliance
I was looking at the PCSX2 games compatibility list and I noticed that Baldurs Gate - Dark Alliance was put as menus only however, I was wondering is it for Baldurs Gate - Dark Alliance I or II? Can anyone confirm this to me?

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Dark Alliance I and it was last tested for the compatibility list with 0.9.6, but I think you can only get ingame with 0.9.7 and not playable.
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How about #2 did anyone check to see if it works in any version?
None of the Snowblinds Studios' games work currently.
The engine uses mip-mapping which isn't supported by any GS plugin.
The videos also tend to freeze quickly.
You could get in-game with older version(s), you just had to skip the opening video and fly though the menus. It does seem to be a little better now (0.9.7), but between hardware and software mode, the game just looks garbled and runs slow, or locks up (PCSX2 crashes).

I can't wait for said "mip-mapping" to be implemented into GS. Looking forward to playing this and some Champions games.
:/ alright... Guess I will have to wait till maybe another 0.3 updates are made Sad but I guess its fine though... Lol maybe by the time dark alliance finally plays at normal speeds, The third One will be made... lol

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