ban me if you want for reposting on vmware
ok the playstation 2 had a 300 mhz proc, and 150 mhz graphics clock. How did they accomplish the awesome games that they did EASE OF PROGRAMING sony does not have to deal with 100000000000 diffrent computer configurations. Hench again vmware, it supplies it's own drivers, and the software to hardware interface to program with predictable results. it also has shader model 2.0 support off the install. I am not going to suggest a vmware os, just a version designed for vmware. Hell refraction your a coder look at the driver specs, and see for yourself, if I'm wrong fine, but don't dismiss it whith out looking at it. Hell vmware can have up to half the specs of my pc. thats twice the specs of a stock PS3. All i'm asking for is a chance to see what happens, if the programing is easier then it would allow any game to play at ps2 speeds with no problem, if i'm wrong you took a week, and looked into it.

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umm refraction was nice with you in your other thread (and he closed it before it would go into a "hey why not a pcsx2 OS"), so why do you have to make another thread that has a rude title? Mellow (and if he closed it saying no, then that means that they have considered it (or something))
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Holy crap, you again?

The emulator does not supply or in any way dictate what drivers are supported. The emulator authors don't write drivers. You don't know what you're talking about, please stop bringing it up.

The emulator doesn't give a flying f*** what hardware you have, as long as it's compatible with a relevant standard. Graphics hardware certified for DX9 will work with DX9 plugins, DX10 with DX10 plugins, and so on.

You have no idea what you're talking about, please stop before you embarrass yourself more.
"This thread should be closed immediately, it causes parallel imagination and multiprocess hallucination" --ardhi
I think you're forgetting one thing,to emulate virtual OS(like VMWARE does) it requires CPU power,certain amount of ram and maybe video card(I'm not really sure about the video card since you're saying that VMWARE emulate video card too)

Ok add to all of this a program(pcsx2)that requires a lot of CPU power,ram and video card to all of this...what do you think it will be the result,better speed just because you're using pcsx2 on emulated hardware/OS which will require even more cpu power or use pcsx2 on your real OS?

At least on my PC I can tell that I wont get anything good from all of this.If your point is to use pcsx2 on every pc(including those that don't have video card that supports Pixel Shader 2)on those week PC's the result will be even worse.Or if you're saying to emulate the Pixel Shader 2 too,that will require even more CPU power and the emu will go slower and slower even on PC's that have Pixel Shader 2

Even with only Firefox turned on I can see a speed differences compared to when Firefox is not running.
You have no idea about emulation do you OP?

My PC's insane amounts better than a PS2/Xbox 360/PS3

Doesn't mean it'll emulate correctly.
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The crowd demands PCSX2 OS nao!
You have clearly NO idea of what you're talking about, and you have been told so. You could have spared us the second topic.
You do NOT know anything of how the ps2 works, and it's clear from your post.

And we do NOT take requests.

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