beatmania IIDX series
Hi guys first time posting here Smile

I don't think there's any beatmania thread here, so I start now...

I tried playing it using r5068, no problem at all on beatmania 9th-16th
problem is when I'm playing beatmania 3rd-8th, the music outsync like really outsynced, it can't be played at all

the 9th - 16th is actually outsynced too, but probably from the SPU-X itself (50 ms delay) no big deal actually (well it just make me bad from playing it)

here's a video me playing 14th with r5068

so yeah the problem is the 3rd-8th, anyone know solution?

oh btw, yes I already turn off the V-sync, and set SPU-X to Timestretch 50ms delay (minimum)

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Try setting the EE clamp to full or changing the EE round mode.
Some of these rhythm games needed that, iirc.
sorry for late reply
I'm changing the EE Clamp to full and EE round mode, not really make a difference

anyway, I find out if I set the game delay to +2 the rhythm will match with the sound stream (SPU2X) on 100ms
problem is I can only change the Delay on 12-16 :/

I hope PCSX2 can make the stream like to 5ms or 1ms

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