beatmania iidx 16 Empress & Premium
Just wnated to know both discs boot fine but musiceither speeds up and slows down, also the bgm and the keynotes are not on key.

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Are the games themselves running at full speed? Either 50 or 60FPS depending on whether its PAL or NTSC.
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At least on my computer, it runs full speeds constantly. I haven't tried 3rd Style to 15 DJ Troopers, but I just wanted to try this game on PCSX2 since I was closer to my PC.

The game itself never slows down, but the music just speeds up or speeds down at the menu and song selection. When you're playing an actual song, most of the time the BGM and Key Notes are off, sometimes extremely off (about 3 seconds to 8 seconds off), and sometimes gradually trails off (starts find but slowly gaps apart) and while it's trailing off, the game itself never stutters and notes are falling down at a constant speed.

oh yeah, I also tried this on the latest public and I believe 1888 beta? could be off on the r#### on beta.

not sure if reporting this makes a difference, but this game is NTSC-J, came out last week, made by Konami
this game has 2 discs but each disc can be played by itself (no disc swapping) and bot shares the same save data. on a ps2 memory card, it takes about 890k space.
Use SPU2-X if you aren't using that already. There you could try tweaking the latency for better results. If you have speed hacks enabled, disable them
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SPU2X is what I default but I did try the other sound and graphics (always do before reporting) and still does similar incidents. Speed hacks are never on for me as well.

I've also tried this wit 3rd Style to 15 DJ Troopers and all of them run without stuttering (no frame drops) but all of them shows the same results. The BGM and Keynotes don't match.

In other words, the game is playable in terms of frame related issues but is unplayable in terms of what the game suppose to be about, hitting the right keynotes at the right time and matching it up with the BGM to make a music. I would probably mark 9thstyle on the comp. list as blue rather than green.
Hm i see what you mean, this is pretty strange indeed. Maybe the frame limiter is showing wrong readings? Are you positive the game is actually running at full speed? Maybe the region is being misdetected and it gets limited to 50fps for PAL instead to 60fps for NTSC
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Yes, I'm 100% sure the game is running at full speeds (excluding the menu selection, but you're not playing at the menu selection, you're just choosing a song to Guitar Hero and etc) with out without looking at the FPS benchmark. I can tell because I've played the game long enough to know when the keynotes are not running at it's full speeds / skips and so on. The game has speed mods to program the keynotes speed (and also spaces it accordingly) but it's the same exact result (as in when the bgm and keynotes starts lagging off).

The game runs like the following youtube video (you can see how smooth the keynotes are) perfectly on the emulator, it just starts the to derail itself at one point.

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