best config for KH 2 final mix
hi guys
first I have A dell laptop the game works good but its very fast
how can I slow it down
is there a specific version of pcsx2 that I shoud use or the one that I am using is okay(0.9.8)
and what are the best config for the game

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be sure you dont have disable frame limit checked. press f4 in the game to disable the ''disable framelimiter'' effect. otherwise check your config and look forbaseframerate, set it to 100%
Use pcsx2 v1.0. Wink

marwan4449 Wrote:how can I slow it down

You want to slow it down. Make sure the 'Disable Frame-limiting' is unchecked in emulation settings --> GS.
You are not using turbo mode. the base frame rate is 100% and no frame-skipping is enabled.
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thanks alot guys
now its perfect

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