best configuration for KH2 controller

so I am playing KH2 on PCSX2, and I am having a hard time trying to configure the controller for the best convenience.

Any help?

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configure it like a normal ps2 controller and raise the sensitivity of the sticks to 1.35
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
Hi, sorry I should have been clearer.

I meant, what keys on keyboard would be the best configuration for PS2 control in plugin setting?
for example, keyboard C for Cross button, stuff like that
Depends on which key you like. some like wasd-configuration... some arrow keys + numpad...

Still I would like to recommend getting a controller. Playing such games without controller is not that enjoyable... Maybe you can get somehwere a used one if you can not afford a new one.
My personal preference for PSone and PS2 games:

WASD - Movement (Analogue or D-Pad)
C - Select
V - Start
Numpad 1 - Square
Numpad 2 - Cross
Numpad 3 - Cirlce
Numpad 5 - Triangle
Numpad 4 - L1
Numpad 6 - R1
Numpad 7 - L2
Numpad 8 - R2

Just my preference, not sure if it will work for you. I used it for years before I finally decided to get an Xbox 360 controller, although now I use my DS3 or DS4.
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Mine is:
movement keys: wasd
geometric figures:4568 No.pad
R 123= no. 1, 2

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