best settings for Kingdom hearts 2 final mix +
I have a hp pavilion dv5-1004nr notebook below are my specs:

amd turion x2 ultra dual-core mobile zm-80 @ 2.1 gHz
4gb RAM
Ati Radeon HD 3200 Graphics card
and I'm running vista home premium on a 64 bit system

I initially tried running it on pcsx2 0.9.7 and it starts out at near max fps, but falls to somewhere between half or lower in battles. In cut scenes and when paused, it actually goes up past like 40 fps or somewhere around there, to basically max again.I used the default plugins, enabled all speed hacks, tough the cycle and the ee (I think that's what they were called >_<) I left at 2 or lower. I set the graphics to ps2 native. It works decently when I completely prevent the audio plug in from playing sound, that's the closest I got to playing at full speed.

Now I'm considering using pcsx2 9.6, would that be a better option? It's not a big deal I guess it's running just a little below half, a small boost in fps would pretty much make it playable...

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From my admittedly limited understanding, your PC is getting bottlenecked. 2.1 Ghz, even for a dual core, is a bit low. It's also a laptop processor which aren't quite up to snuff when compared to a similar desktop version. IT may be the best you'll be getting out of it. Again, not much knowledge here. But, I've seen enough similar questions being answered to have something of an idea. I hope I'm wrong.

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